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PopUp Start box (7 bags - 7 flavors) + SHIPPING INCLUDED - Popup

PopUp Start box (7 bags - 7 flavors) + SHIPPING INCLUDED

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PopUp Corn are ready-made popcorn baked in the air without the addition of oil / fat or other additives, they are hand-seasoned with our own prepared spices without any addition of artificial colors or flavors, while our popcorn is GMO free.

Our popcorn from the field to the table is made in Croatia and is a healthy product for the whole family.
One bag of our popcorn contains 70 grams of a crunchy snack.

If you haven’t tried our popcorn yet then Popup Start is the first step. Take the opportunity and in the promo period try our 7 flavors for special price.

POPUP Start package consists of 7 bags:

- POPUP Spicy

- POPUP Sea Salt

- POPUP Butter

- POPUP Mediterranean

- POPUP  Caramel

- POPUP Cheese