Gourmet POP Corn - Parmesan and Garlic - Popup

Gourmet POP Corn - Parmesan and Garlic

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PopUp Corn presents premium flavors of popcorn in Gourmet edition. Mushroom popcorn flavored with finest selection of the best combination of Parmesan and Garlic. Try it and we guarantee you will love it.

Ingredients: corn 42%, sunflower oil 38%, parmesan 12%, salt 5%, garlic 4%

Calories                                   2226 kj / 532 kcal
Fats 40 g
  - Saturated fats 6,5 g
Carbohydrates 34,4 g
  - Sugars 5,5 g
Protein 17,1 g
Salt 5,3 g