Custom made popcorn


At Popcorn Factory Zagreb, we offer a customized popcorn service where you can create your own unique package or flavor of popcorn. You can choose from a variety of different seasonings, toppings, and mix-ins or wide choose your own branded packages to create a flavor or package that's perfect for you or for a special event.

Our team will work with you to understand your preferences and requirements, and we will create a customized popcorn package or flavor that is tailored to your taste. You can choose from a wide range of packaging and ingredients, including savory seasonings, sweet toppings, and even custom-colored popcorn.

Whether you're looking to create a custom popcorn for a corporate event, a wedding, or just for yourself, our customized popcorn service is the perfect solution. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and let us help you create a unique and delicious popcorn flavor that will be sure to impress.